Are the runs that are listed on this site available to everyone or only those who have access to Marine Corps Air Station Yuma? 

Both. Every run listed will include information about who is eligible to participate.

Are the runs listed on the website only MCAS Yuma runs?

Yes, all of the runs listed are hosted or occur on MCAS Yuma. 

Can children participate in the runs?

Each run is different, so be sure to read the information about each run, or contact the host of the run to verify any information. For the most part, we ask that all children that participate in races are 14 years and older at least 2 weeks before the race. 

Can I bring a pet or a stroller to the runs?

Most likely you can bring a pet to the run, but the pet must stay on a leash and you are responsible for cleaning up after your pet. Strollers are also allowed on the race course, but please use a jogging stroller, as this will benefit all involved. 

Can I get a refund for any of the races?

MCAS Yuma is unable to give refunds for any of the races. 

I am having trouble registering, who do I contact?

Contact Walter Sosinski at for only MCAS Yuma registration questions/concerns. 

What do I do if I am a vendor who is interested in selling products or advertising my services?

Contact our MCAS Yuma Sponsorship Coordinator at and this person will provide you with more information, or point you in the right direction. 

What if I never ran a 5K before?

Most 5K’s are fun runs, which means that walking is OK. Unless you are looking to race with others, then don’t worry about the running part. The goal is to get out there and have a good time and to follow your own pace. But if you are looking to actually run your first 5K, follow this guide by the Mayo Clinic. 

Is there anything else I should, other than work out, before race day? 

We advise wearing what you train in, dri-fit to keep you cool if possible. Yuma is the sunniest city, and we know it will get warm here.